Trying to seek personal meaning in another’s death is an inherently selfish thing to do, but today I want to be selfish. I want to vent. I want to know why I’m back writing obituaries for my friends. I want to not think about it, but here we are.  Damien Schaefer died this weekend after […]

Cindy Wilson has put together quite the group of musicians for her album, many of them familiar faces around Athens. The resulting meeting of minds has grown from a one time project into a full fledged album and this lovely teaser EP. Sunrise – This lovely, delicate groove will make you long for a nice […]

I often worry a bit when someone local hits their third album. It’s a tricky point for any artist when they’ve found an audience and tapped into an approachable sound but they need to grow on their own terms. Will your audience follow or will you fall out of favor?¬† Sonderlust proves that Kishi Bashi […]

R.E.M.’s Mike Mills will be performing his concerto for violin, rock band, and string orchestra at the Performing Arts Center on the 24th at 8 p.m. Tickets are $67-$77. You can read more about it from the AJC here. It’s almost time for WUOG‘s annual “Birth-o’ween” celebration and the station is looking for submissions for […]

Back when I had the energy and resources to update AMJ every day, I was constantly flipping through a very old copy of Party Out of Bounds, trying to construct memories of things I’ve never known, trying to put across the same feeling the book conveys: place, time, youth. I was working three jobs and […]

I hope you haven’t been living underneath a rock but if you have, please allow me to introduce you to Monsoon. If you’ve heard of Monsoon, consider this a fawning post because I love this band so much. Essential things to know about the band The members are very young, like barely out of high […]

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the South does not handle snow and freezing conditions well. As I’m writing this, the cat is freaking out at the white stuff falling outside. My Yankee friends love to remind me how much snow they’ve gotten this season already and laugh when I say school has been […]

In an effort to expand my horizons, and by extension, this blog, I’ve begun trying to read the Red & Black, the student newspaper, now and again. I stopped paying attention to it long ago after the paper moved to a digital format during my undergrad days. But, we tend to not pay attention to […]

It’s not hard to imagine that someone as influential as David Bowie would have an impact on music in Athens. You can’t swing a guitar around without hitting someone who could pluck out “Space Oddity” or at the very least spout every line from Labyrinth. But our departed Starman had a more than a few […]

For a band that’s no longer active, Pylon‘s sure been active lately. Bassist Michael Lachowski just rapped up an art exhibit at the World Famous called “I’m in the Band” featuring black light works and a bass only performance of a few Pylon songs. Singer Vanessa Hay has joined forces with Kay Stanton, Jason NeSmith, […]