Featured Band: The Brothers Gore


If Weezer mated with Husker Du backstage at a Neil Young concert and then dropped the kid off to be babysat by Elvis Costello in Atlanta, you’d get The Brothers Gore. A powerpop ball of dancing energy from Athens (and Atlanta-ish) that’s currently shoring up a following, especially after several great shows at the Rye Bar.

These guys have been hard at work on the follow-up to their album “Frag” that they so generously allowed to be downloaded in full FOR FREE from their website. Some choice cuts from the currently titled “Paper Yachts and the Reasons for the Whisky” have made their way onto the band’s myspace and live shows as well.

Among the best are “The Same Shit” and “The Jersey Shore,” the latter being a very interesting narrative about death, rock and roll, and bodies that need hiding. Not your typical pop fare, but it works well with drums that sound like waves pounding the shore and biting guitars. The whole song carries a certain sadness to the situation while never allowing the listener to get too weepy.

Being the annoying music junkie, I tracked down Jason Gore who was kind enough to take some time out to talk to me. Interestingly enough, this dialogue is from a facebook chat (with smileys and lol’s deleted for readability.) Mr. Gore had plenty to say and threw in some digs toward a certain band that we both love. Just a cool chat with a good guy from a great band.

So, without further chatter, I give you, the Jason Gore interview.

Athens Music Junkie: “The Brothers Gore” sounds like a rip off of the Brothers Grimm…any comments?

Jason Gore : hahaha. None. We were first.

AMJ: If you made as much money as, say, Mike Mills, what would you spend it on?

JG: Records, guitars, synths, a tunnel between my houses

AMJ: So speaking of guitars, what’s your favorite one to play live? Or on recordings?

JG: The tele, through and through, for everything. Steve made it magic. I can toggle between single coil and humbucker.

AMJ: Who writes most of the music for the BG? And the lyrics?

JG: I write them all. I used to write with songwriters in the other bands i’ve been in with steve, but BG is just me. Some songs were demos for older bands, that were never used for whatever reason. So I revived them for BG.

AMJ: I wanna talk about your song “Jersey Shore.” Where the hell did the inspiration for that come from?

JG: A girl was murdered in our hometown, she was missing for weeks in the dead of winter, and finally they found her body in a snowdrift. “some songs are older so that story was transferred to the mob in Jersey, trying to figure out what to do with a showgirl that unfortunately died while with them. Oh, and it also has to do with rainbows.

AMJ: So when can we expect the new album?

JG: Never. This summer. Sometime.

(to be continued)


Jason Gore – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Steve Gore – Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Adam Rainville – Bass, Vocals

Chris Hammond – Guitar, Vocals

Anna Gore – Bass

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