Monthly Archives: July 2008

How I Met The Sleepy Horses

Working at WUOG has its advantages. You get to hear all sorts of new music, both good and bad, often far before it’s actually released. You also get to review said work. And, if it’s bad enough, you get the privilege of adding that particular circular object to the “permanent” collection on the roof. Add […]

Widespread Panic in the GA Music Hall of Fame

Technically, this is old news but sometimes life, and vacation, get in the way. Widespread Panic, the rock and roll act from “righ cheer” in Athens, is one of the acts being inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame this year. It always warms my heart to see an Athens act recognized for their […]

A Death In The Playlist

Well, when you love as many bands as I do, the inevitable will happen. They will break up or retire. At least one will. Probably more if you want to be statistically correct. Regardless, if it is a band you love, just found, or followed, chances are, it hurts. Bad. Well, the ever handy five […]

R.E.M. in Atlanta Pics

My first ever R.E.M. show. Yeah, I know. I’m a nerd. Acceleration causes blurring. Why were they wearing coats? That’s my question. It was so hot on the floor. I can only imagine what it was like onstage under lights! Wish I could’ve gotten a better shot of him. Guess it speaks to his energy […]