How I Met The Sleepy Horses

Working at WUOG has its advantages. You get to hear all sorts of new music, both good and bad, often far before it’s actually released. You also get to review said work. And, if it’s bad enough, you get the privilege of adding that particular circular object to the “permanent” collection on the roof. Add to that the free swag posters, t-shirts, and other junk; you’ve got yourself a sweet deal. And you don’t even have to be a deejay. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the sports staff, ehem, relieving the station of unwanted repeat discs.

The best part, for me at least, is meeting the bands that come through on Tuesdays and Thursdays for our Live in the Lobby segments. Usually, the bands are from Athens, sometimes Atlanta or other distant locales. Every week, I’m reminded of how varied Athens music really is. You’ve got a hard rock act like Ponderosa come through on Tuesday followed on Thursday by a duo like Christopher’s Liver. One of my all time favorite LITL bands came through in my early days on Operations staff. SLEEPY HORSES.

I had honestly never even heard of this band before they were setting up in the lobby with a singer that looked more than just a little like The Edge. Then they did my favorite thing, they introduced themselves to the staff, and not just the head guy. It pisses me off when bands come in and treat us underlings like, well, underlings. When a band treats me with respect, I will bust my tail to make sure that they sound good. Gotta return the respect after all.

Anyway, Nic Goodson (guitar/vocals) is a lanky, red-headed music machine that vaguely resembled Edge that night. Wearing a knit cap, military style jacket, stubbly type beard and Converse All-Stars, he fit the part of the guitar anti-hero to the hilt. Justin Gregg (bass/vocals) came in next, looking like a mafia hit man in his fedora. Dave Forker (drums/vocals), completed the trio, dressed like a very tired teaching assistant. Definitely not what I expected when I read the name “Sleepy Horses.” Dunno what I was picturing…maybe a group of exhausted cowboys?

They immediately caught my attention musically when they launched into “Sleep”. The Sleepy Horses/U2 comparison can (and will) be made with this song. It reminded me more than a little of U2’s “MLK”.

Then came the single-worthy “Echoes.” Thank god I got it on film.

Since their visit to WUOG, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a lot of their shows. And it never fails to impress. Especially since they get to use the fog machine in the venues. The “believe” sign is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on a bass drum. Understated, but powerful.


  1. Hey- Just to let you know, the bands here are (mostly) really nice, and they probably don’t introduce themselves to you because they assume you wouldn’t give a shit. Seriously. It’s not like most of them ever get played on the radio, and I think they probably just figure you are only there because you have to be. Just introduce yourself and you’ll find that most of them are super cool, just like Nic.

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