A Thing.

I signed on today fully prepared to write a review of the Modern Skirts show at the 40 Watt last night. But I just remembered something that I think is a bit more important than spouting my opinions of the opening acts (The Empties rock!) and the sound quality (better in back). DANCING Yes, that… Read More A Thing.


So, unfortunately, the webfeed last night wasn’t working. I hate that but it happens sometimes. I don’t believe you missed anything spectacular but here’s the playlist (and explinations) from last night. ————————————————————————————–SOUND OF THE CITY – August 20th PYLON – Feast on My HeartVic Chestnutt – Very Friendly LighthousesLove Tractor – The Sky at Night… Read More RADIO SONG,,,

Athens in Perspective: Drive-By Truckers in Amsterdam

(This is the first of a series from guest writers from around the world talking about Athens bands and how they experience them) GUEST AUTHOR TOM LAMERS The Drive-By Truckers, August 12th in Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands It’s always hard reviewing a band you know little about. I had never seen the Drive-By Truckers before… Read More Athens in Perspective: Drive-By Truckers in Amsterdam


PYLON Pronunciation: \ˈpī-ˌlän, -lən\ Function: noun Etymology: Greek pylōn, from pylē gateDate: 1850 1 a: a post or tower marking a prescribed course of flight for an airplane b: traffic cone c: one of the flexible upright markers positioned on a football field at the corners of the end d: BAND FROM ATHENS, See also,… Read More Cool.

Birthday Wishes

I’m posting this because I know I’m not the only one. So forgive me for rambling but, Happy 50th Bill Berry. I, like many others, wasn’t old enough to see you in action with R.E.M. Wasn’t old enough to remember when you retired. Now, all I have are the pictures taken a decade ago, stories… Read More Birthday Wishes