Birthday Wishes

I’m posting this because I know I’m not the only one. So forgive me for rambling but,

Happy 50th Bill Berry.

I, like many others, wasn’t old enough to see you in action with R.E.M. Wasn’t old enough to remember when you retired. Now, all I have are the pictures taken a decade ago, stories heard second or third-hand from Athens townies, and a few magnificent records that keep me company.

Funny how the one moment that made me fall in love with Athens music centered around meeting you at a Pylon show. I was pulled onstage that night by Pylon and helped off by a lovely gentleman with piercing eyes and a really cool eyebrow.

So here’s a toast to you Mr. Berry. Your courage, compassion, and friendship continue to inspire people to follow their hearts, whether to the stage or to the farm. Thank you for everything.

A fan,



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