\ˈpī-ˌlän, -lən\
Greek pylōn, from pylē gate

1 a: a post or tower marking a prescribed course of flight for an airplane b: traffic cone c: one of the flexible upright markers positioned on a football field at the corners of the end d: BAND FROM ATHENS, See also, AWESOME

Yes, PYLON is on the move. After a successful line of performances in support of the “Gyrate” re-issue, Pylon is back on the road for a gig or two. Ironically, out of all the bands started in the early 80’s, Pylon’s the only one still doing shows with the exact same lineup they began with.

They’ve got two shows coming up, one with Mitch Easter’s special Let’s Active cover band in Winston-Salem NC on August 8th, the other in Athens on September 12th. I highly recommend going to one or both of the shows since this is a band that, unlike some others, is incredibly strong. Even the “i” Generation gets up and dances (which is really saying something).

Warning, wear comfortable shoes. Last time, my feet were aching for days.

Revolve Film and Music Festival
Gravel Truck Mitch Easter’s special Let’s Active cover band 9:30
Pylon original line-up 10:30
Friday August 8, 2008
The Werehouse
211 East Third Street
Winston-Salem NC
$10 day of show only at club

Club info and directions:
Also see: –


September, 12 2008 at The Melting Point
295 E Dougherty Street, Athens, Georgia 30601
Cost : $10 advance/$12 at venue

Live show for Athens 441. With The Buddy System (Kindercore) opening. For broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting radio in 2009. Only scheduled Pylon show in Athens in 2008!


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