Well, I thought I’d give you a head’s up on what’s about to show up on this here blog o’mine. Just to give you enough time to run away and lock your doors…

1) Across COUNTRIES! A friend of mine, TOM!, from the Netherlands will give us a review of the Drive-By Truckers..in the Netherlands. Ought to be interesting to see how the international feel is.

2) Across STATELINES! Cross-over interviews with Mr. David Wu from Seattle. He’ll interview me about the Athens scene right now and I’ll talk to him about what Athens means to him all the way out on the West Coast.

3) Across TOWN! Pylon show reviews due sometime in September after their show in Athens.

4) Across the UNIVERSE! (cause I couldn’t resist the joke) Probably some insights from the WUOG shifts, new shows in town, and the awesome UGA Music Business School.

Summer has just begun!



  1. I’m looking forward to all of this.And, speaking of Across the UNIVERSE and Across STATELINES, would you care to receive a package from me with 33 special mp3s that I converted straight from vinyl?One word says it all: KZYAMA! Also, that just happens to be the word verification for this comment…

  2. hi. i will join this recently open post with news from Reading Festival UK. but only upon my return. after the 28th of August. hope it will still be of interest. cheers

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