Not Even in the Same League.

One thing some people do is call me “The Athens Music Junkie.” This is not correct. I am “An Athens Music Junkie.” Believe me, there’s a whole town full of people who know tons more that I ever will about Athens music. Including this guy…


And yes, I realize that this is quickly becoming an R.E.M. centered blog but worry not, once I’m settled back in and not posting from miles and miles away, the best of Athens that is not R.E.M. will return. But until then…

Came across this interview with Mr. Buck in The Sun. (“I pictured you in the sun..”)

If you want to talk music, this is the guy. Anyone who requires two iPods to carry his music and STILL knows what’s on them is obviously in love with music.

I found it very interesting that Buck would be open to the idea of having his own radio show. I admire Bob Dylan’s theme time radio but I think Buck’s would be more of a “Who the Hell Was That I Just Heard?!?!” type show.

Well, if Mr. Buck wants, he can take over my radio spot for a time or two. I don’t think I’ll let him have it though. I love it too much to part….

Anyway, just thought you’d like to know. I’ll be moving crap all this week so updates may be sketchy.

BTW, Good luck getting into this.



  1. ^ hes smiling? haha hehe in your dreams J..but i listened to bob dylan talk about bones? recentaly on his radio was random as hell and funny with the songs he chose..

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