So, unfortunately, the webfeed last night wasn’t working. I hate that but it happens sometimes. I don’t believe you missed anything spectacular but here’s the playlist (and explinations) from last night.

SOUND OF THE CITY – August 20th

PYLON – Feast on My Heart
Vic Chestnutt – Very Friendly Lighthouses
Love Tractor – The Sky at Night

So, I always make it a point to give props to those who gave this city a sound to begin with. Pylon was my obvious first choice to play as my first disc. Vic snuck in there because I recently saw his awesome ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ on NPR’s podcast and fell in love with it. Love Tractor rounds out the trio. The station didn’t have a copy of “Fun to Be Happy” and my own mp3 of it was too unlistenable to broadcast..

Randall Bramblett – Drifting Into A Woman’s Arms
Ken Will Morton – Get My Head Right

Randall’s a pretty solid player and he just had a cd release party at Melting Point last Friday. I figured I’d give some free exposure here along with Mr. Morton who’s been everywhere lately (thanks to Michelle Roche Media). BTW, he’s playing LIVE IN THE LOBBY this Thursday at 8pm.

Gift Horse – Not The Only One
Sleepy Horses – Geography

These sleepytime shoegazers represent a new sound of Athens that, honestly, I haven’t figured out quite yet. That said, I am a fan. A few requests were called in during Gift Horse so I had to play the 11 minute “Geography” as the Sleepy Horses song in order to grab those requests.

M. Coast – Out of the Water
Plyon – Crazy

Requests. 😀

Christopher Henderson – Untitled
Hope for agoldensummer – Faded on the 14th
Mad Whiskey Grin – Blood Righteous
Dege Legg – Dead and Gone

We moved from the horse-centered shoegazers to the pickin’ grinners of Athens. These artists are closer to the early Athens music scene of 1940 than 1980 but they are as modernly cool as you can get.

Dubconscious – Sufferer’s Dub
Ishues – Soldier
Down With the Woo – Learn to Streetfight

I love the fact that Athens doesn’t have a straightforward “sound”. To emphasize this point, I played our best reggae and rap artists along with an upcoming beat group. Kinda a surprise after you’ve gotten used to the bluegrass folk.

Titans of Filth – Swinging Lovers
Kuroma – Searching for a Sheep
The Brothers Gore – Mammy Bubbles
Five Eight – A Man is a Pent Up Thing

Next come the more pop/rock groups that we’re used to. Kuroma and Titans of Filth are pretty standard rock fare. A tribute to my beloved Bros. Gore followed by Five Eight just to piss Jason off.

Nana Grizol – Circles ‘Round the Moon
We Versus The Shark – The Lament of Sue Richards
The Whigs – Production City
Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945
Black Lips – I Saw a Ghost
Snowden – Like Bullets

The last really long set includes our new local buzzjoys The Whigs, We Versus and Black Lips (who I’m pretty sure are from ATL but they’re in our local pile). Add to that the hipsters of Nana Grizol and the awesome Snowden. Then, to cap it off, toss yourself a bone with Neutral Milk Hotel and smile.

Overall, I think the set went well. There wasn’t really a theme this go round since we didn’t have LITL beforehand. But expect to see (hear?) more playlist themes like, “Raining in Athens”, “Women of Athens”, “Athens Heartbreak” and so on. I like themes. I also like history too so when I find some really cool stuff on the older bands, I’m likely to have a “flashback” session too.




  1. Did you really just refer to Randall Bramblett as a “pretty solid player?” Do you have any idea how much session work he and his drummer Gerry do?I will agree with you on Sleepy Horses. I played drums with them for about 3 weeks when Nic was still married to Brandi. Nic is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet in rock around here.

  2. Yes. He does tons. The song was something I picked randomly since I didn’t have his new disc with me. I like that a lot better than the song I played. Check me if I’m wrong but “pretty solid” means that he’s a consistently good player. ‘Tis a compliment. I haven’t seen him live yet. Then I’ll call him f***in’ awesome.

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