Before the Break

Well, thought I’d throw in another post before the Labor Day break. So here’s some stuff that’s going down really soon that I’ll probably be chattering about.

The concert’s on the 4th and I’m going full on Orange Cone action during my Sound of the City show on the 2nd. And, judging by the 9 requests for Pylon we had last Tuesday, it ought to be an interesting show.

Crossover interview with David Wu, sometime when our schedules aren’t as awkward as drunken frat boys trying to high-five. And fistbumps? Yeah, those end up as punches. Or “terrorist fist jabs.”

3)UGA Music Business
I’m in this. You’ll hear about it from time to time. As well as musings about my general day to day stuff dealing with this really intense program.

4)More local shows
Paycheck is in and dj credentials passed so that means SHOWS!! More show/cd reviews from all your favorite Athens artists and the ones you haven’t heard of either.

Every musicians most loyal companion. That and a chronic headache…

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