Tonight! On WUOG…

Well, we’ve got Live in the Lobby at 8:00 pm EST featuring Splinter Belly!
After that…


Yes! Nothing but Pylon stuff until I or the listeners get tired. At that point, I’ll start playing stuff from Pylon’s contemporaries and such. Mostly artists from Athens, GA:Inside Out.

Hopefully, I can find most of this stuff. WUOG’s archives have been in use for 36 years and some vinyl that’s supposed to be there just isn’t. Regardless, shortlist of the other artists I’m spinning tonight:

The B-52s (under another name)
R.E.M. (under another name)
Flat Duo Jets
Time Toy
Love Tractor
The Squalls
and more…

The B’s and REM are under stage names since I’m “not supposed” to play popular music. It’s a local show. These guys are local. Deal with it.

Listen in on 90.5fm Athens or via “teh interwebs!”


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  1. Yay, Pylon! I’ll be listening tonight when I get back from class, sounds like it will be a great show! Also, thanks so much for the picture of the terrifying spider, I appreciated that. =P xD

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