Man, musician, and DJ!!

Randall will be playing WUOG’s Live in the Lobby show this Tuesday at 8 p.m. AND THEN! coming into the dj booth and spinning some stuff with me during Sound of the City! WHOO!

I cannot express how awesome this is. I found Randall through the UGA Music Business Program and have fallen head over heels for his new album, Now It’s Tomorrow.

It’s a unique mixture of jazz and R&B and rock and well, a lot of other great genres. The songs mix together so well that it’s really hard to divide them into genre stereotypes. Mainly because there’s nothing typical about this album.

With the funky tones on some songs, it’d be easy for Bramblett to just let other things like lyrics slide. No way. “Sun Runs” and “Some Mean God” in particular have great lyrical turns that make you listen to the record several times just to catch all the nooks and crannies.

Now, Randall’s going “solo” after being a sideman for Widespread Panic and Traffic, just two of the many he’s worked with. And in a lot of cases, he proves himself better than the band’s he’s worked with.

Bramblett’s also playing Ashford Manor on Monday, the Hard Rock ATL on Thursday, and UGA’s Terry Tunes on September 27th. Check out the site for all his upcoming shows.

So, in conclusion, I’m REALLY REALLY EXCITED that he’s coming to play and dj! Listen in online at WUOG’s website or on 90.5fm for you locals. Live in the Lobby starts at 8pm EST and then melts into Sound of the City until 10pm!




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