This Week On AMJ(IT)

Well, lots of stuff happening this week.

1)Thursday night @ the 40 Watt is Benji Hughes, an artist the UGA MBUS program’s working with

2)STRAWBERRY FLATS! At the Melting Point. John Keane, Scott Sanders, Tim White, Deane Quinter join forces for a great rocking show this Friday.
Seriously, I wanna see Keane practice some dance moves since he’s participating in “Dancing With the Athens Stars.”

3)The RETURN OF RANDALL BRAMBLETT! After such an awesome performance on Tuesday at Live in the Lobby, the esteemed Mr. Bramblett will be playing the UGA MBUS/Terry Tunes show before the football game on Saturday.

4)Once I get a second to breathe, a review of the GA Music Hall of Fame ceremony, more cd reviews, and other treats coming your way.

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