A Great Way to Spend an Afternoon

Headed down to UGA Music Business’s “Terry Tunes” featuring our friend Randall Bramblett and he brought the whole gang this time! And a special friend!

We decided to move the concert to 4pm in order to catch more of the tailgating crowd before the HUGE Alabama/Georgia game. We learned that lesson with Sonia Leigh’s show last time. What we didn’t learn was that free Loco’s Chicken Wings will disappear in seconds if you set them in front of a crowd. Seriously, one guy nearly bit my arm in his haste to cure his munchies.

Anyway, I was handing out some flyers for the show on South Campus and was a little later to the venue (on the stairs of the business school) than I would’ve liked. Everybody was soundchecked and ready to roll. Saw the band members plus one bespectacled man I’ve seen before……

Hm. Blond hair, black rimmed glasses, mad guitar skills and decked out in black?
Yup. That’s him alright.

After last night’s rock ‘n’ roll fest at the Melting Point, you would think a guy could take a break right? Not if you’re John Keane: Producer, Author, and All-Around Guitar God.

Anyway, Keane joined the band for this go round and the sound was NICE. A really stupendous mixing job. They actually overheated a speaker at one point but it was back running after a few minutes.

I finally got to hear stuff like “Blue Road” and “Sun Runs” live and with a full sound. Yeah, the acoustic stuff is probably still my favorite to put on my ipod but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t sound amazing as a live jam.

So we continued passing out food and flyers until we ran out. Then I commenced to being a regular pest and took lots of pictures. I’m quickly learning that the drummer is the hardest person to catch on film with the band. UGH. Just could not get a good full band shot. The giant freakin columns didn’t help much either.

Anyway, here’s some of the shots. I know I talk about RB a lot but he’ll be off touring until November 13 (at the 40 Watt folks!) so that’ll give us some time to stew.

Until then, please check this dude out.


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