Dead Confederate: Unholy Union

One up and coming band from our ol' great area is Dead Confederate. I haven't written about them yet mainly because I'm not really sure what to say. On first listen to their album "Wrecking Ball," I'm left speechless. It's like the Seattle grunge scene and Athens' southern shoegaze movement mated and Dead Confederate is … Continue reading Dead Confederate: Unholy Union


Keep Your Seats Everyone! The Redcoats are Coming!

In a town full of half-baked rock bands, wannabe singers and all their hangers on, there's one band that's pretty solid year after year. For 104 years.The UGA Redcoat Band is awesome. I purposefully try to get to that section every time I go to a football game just to interact. They're funny (especially the … Continue reading Keep Your Seats Everyone! The Redcoats are Coming!


Working on a review of the Modern Skirts' new disc "All of Us in Our Night". Saw 'em last night at the 40 Watt at the cd release party. All I can say in advance: Shame that it's not available to everywhere outside of Athens until January.