Monthly Archives: October 2008

Dead Confederate: Unholy Union

One up and coming band from our ol’ great area is Dead Confederate. I haven’t written about them yet mainly because I’m not really sure what to say. On first listen to their album “Wrecking Ball,” I’m left speechless. It’s like the Seattle grunge scene and Athens’ southern shoegaze movement mated and Dead Confederate is […]

Keep Your Seats Everyone! The Redcoats are Coming!

In a town full of half-baked rock bands, wannabe singers and all their hangers on, there’s one band that’s pretty solid year after year. For 104 years. The UGA Redcoat Band is awesome. I purposefully try to get to that section every time I go to a football game just to interact. They’re funny (especially […]

WUOG Moving Day

So it’s official. After nearly 40 years in Memorial Hall, WUOG’s moving shop to a new station across the street. This is old knowledge. What’s new is that we finally got a confirmation on WHEN. Starting December 18th, pieces of the station will be moved into Tate Student Center. I’m torn. I’m glad that the […]

And I Forgot My Umbrella

It is pouring down here in Athens. It’s also kinda chilly so what better to do than to curl up with some hot chocolate, a big blanket, and an All Athens Playlist dealing with the weather? Raining in Athens – Azure RayNothing of the Rain – Dual DiagnosisGeorgia Rain – Love TractorWeather Radio – PylonI’ll […]


Working on a review of the Modern Skirts’ new disc “All of Us in Our Night”. Saw ’em last night at the 40 Watt at the cd release party. All I can say in advance: Shame that it’s not available to everywhere outside of Athens until January.

Make Plans NOW. Seriously

If you’re in Athens this weekend, swing by the FREE Athfest Panels at the Melting Point from 11 am to 3pm. With panels such as “How to Start a Band And How to Keep it Together Once You Do”, this is something that every musician should take full advantage of. Now, I’ve done a lot […]


Seems Flagpole also went temporarily insane and put up some of my reviews. I’d be lying if I didn’t say WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Anywho, check out the Site. Click around, have fun. And btw, my stuff is here and here. But really, check out the whole site. Thus ends the shameless plugging for today. blueshades