WUOG Moving Day

So it’s official. After nearly 40 years in Memorial Hall, WUOG’s moving shop to a new station across the street. This is old knowledge.

What’s new is that we finally got a confirmation on WHEN. Starting December 18th, pieces of the station will be moved into Tate Student Center.

I’m torn. I’m glad that the new station is bigger and will be upgraded (new dj board!) but the old place has so much character and history behind it.

First, I’ll miss the red walls. It’s a bright UGA type red that seems to change colors with the lighting. Like the station lobby has a mood…

Second, I’ll miss the skylight. Looking up at the stars or the clouds from the floor while listening to whoever’s playing LITL that night….beautiful

Thirdly, I’ll miss the graffiti. There’s tons of little comments, band names, jokes and stuff written in sharpie in random places around the station. Stuff that will be painted a sterile white when whatever will take WUOG’s place comes in. Cause they sure as hell aren’t gonna leave “Sux my ballz” on there.

Next, I’ll miss the dust. The dust that’s been gathering in the archives since the early 1970’s. New places are too clean. Have to be broken in to be liveable.

Lastly, I’ll miss the privacy. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but I liked the fact that almost no one knew where WUOG was. It was just this little secret that you stumbled upon. No self-respecting stereotypical Greek would set foot in there. But now we’ll be in the middle of traffic. Meaning more people can come in and possibly take stuff. We have a hard enough time keeping people from taking records…

So that’s my thing. Sorry I haven’t updated in a bit. It’s been an odd week here in Athens. I’ll have more links and actual content later.


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