Dead Confederate: Unholy Union

One up and coming band from our ol’ great area is Dead Confederate. I haven’t written about them yet mainly because I’m not really sure what to say.

On first listen to their album “Wrecking Ball,” I’m left speechless. It’s like the Seattle grunge scene and Athens’ southern shoegaze movement mated and Dead Confederate is the bastard child.

I CANNOT stop listening to “The Rat.” It’s like they’ve tapped into my subconscious and found exactly the rock and roll I’ve been missing. It’s not poppy, not grungey per say, it’s….well….Dead Confederate. There’s a reason these guys evade labels. There just hasn’t been a label made up for them. So maybe “Southern Grunge” would have to suffice. Part post-grunge, part southern rock. All awesome.

Someone in Flagpole related it to being transported to a moldy old cabin in the backwoods somewhere. Well, you’re not transported so much as beat half to death, dragged through the gravel parking lot of the 40 Watt to the train tracks where you’re thrown into a black pickup and driven to an old moldy cabin in the backwoods.

It makes me very happy to have bands like this in Athens. Makes me even happier to have them out and about gathering fans like an army. What would they call the fanclub? The Killers have “the victims” and Kiss already has the “kiss army”. Maybe the “Confederacy”?

They’ve been getting a lot of coverage lately including an appearance on Conan O’Brien, being a Rolling Stone artist to watch, and being a favorite of RS’s David Fricke (how old is that guy btw?). Catch the new music video below!

Is this the War of Southern Aggression against all the crap coming from the North? Can we expect the Modern Skirts to trade up for Modern Flackjackets? Of Montreal can go out first as a distraction.


Trip hop guy and a Jonas Brother suddenly spot Kevin Barnes

Jonas: “Hey, what’s that motherf***er doing on that horse? Is he wearing makeup? WTF?”

Trippy: “Oh look! Now those four pop kids are trying to push a piano our way! hahaha. We’ll never die! We’re too big!”


*Trippy and Jonas fall dead*

Dead Confederate: “Bang…bang…”

*blazing guitar solo*


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