Monthly Archives: November 2008

Perfect Circle, Wonderful Night

I drove three hours from visiting my parents back to Athens for the Murmur 25th Anniversary Party at the 40 Watt. Beyond worth it. For the last 10 albums, R.E.M. has thrown a release party that benefits Community Connection of Northeast Georgia & Family Connection/Communities in Schools. They’re always a lot of fun and it’s […]

Best of Athens, End of Year Lists

One thing that Thanksgiving always signals is the great “End of the Year” list rush. Whether it’s the top 10 best or the top 10 worst albums or the top 4 worst sing alongs or something, people like making lists. So I guess I’m taking submissions. What are your top 10 Athens albums of the […]

Turkey Day is Coming!

Thanksgiving break is coming up so expect things to be slow with the notable exception of the Perfect Circle show. You also might have noticed a few changes to the site. New format that I’m still mucking with, two new ads and now, Athens Music Junkie is part of the MOG music network. Pretty cool […]

Perfect Circle: An R.E.M. Post

Well, it’s no secret that Murmur, R.E.M.’s debut album is 25 years old. Neither is it really secret anymore that they’re releasing a two disc special edition of the album to commemorate the day. And now this event will no longer be secret. There’s a cd release party for the anniversary edition, as is R.E.M.’s […]

CD Review: The Modern Skirts

This album’s been a long time coming from Athens pop band Modern Skirts. All of Us In Our Night is their sophomore effort and is currently available in Athens ONLY until January when it’s released on the world. First, a word about the artwork. It’s rare to find something that stands out and yet fits […]