The Epicness that is the Coming Soon List at the 40 Watt

The 40 Watt, besides being my favorite venue in all of Athens, is also the favorite venue of many of my friends. Why? Because of lineups like what’s coming up in the next 50 or so days to Athens.

Like Dead Confederate and Manchester Orchestra on December 16th.

Or Of Montreal’s two night stand on the 30th and New Years’ Eve. I wonder if any horses will be involved?

And, Not to be outdone by Mr. Barnes, a THREE NIGHT Stand by Drive-By Truckers (Jan 15-17th.)

Finishing up with Vic Chesnutt and Elf Power on the 7th of February.

This is only the list of the big names from Athens that are coming. Click around the site a bit and you’ll find tons more artists coming through that would make any Athens music junkie squeal with delight.

Why just post on the 40 Watt’s schedule? Because I’m deeply impressed. I’ll put up stuff about Caledonia and GA Theatre and so on later. But these are all shows I’m going to (with the exception of New Years) and they’re important. /rave.

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