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Wikipedia (Hearts) Athens

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Modern Age

Those perennial popsters the Modern Skirts are at it again. They’ve released a video for “Soft Pedals” from the new album All of Us in Our Night. Well, if you’re in Athens this weekend, you can check ’em out in the flesh at the 40 Watt Club on Saturday. If you can’t make it, FEAR […]

New Addiction: Leading Edge

Bands start and end every day in Athens. Out of the literal thousands formed, several hundred make it to a stage. A few hundred make it to a studio. Maybe a hundred make it to the radio. When I put Leading Edge on the air at WUOG, I felt that we had something here. Matt, […]

Vacation in Athens is Calling Me….

It’s always a lot of fun to watch tourists come to Athens, mainly because I remember the feelings that I had coming here for the first time. Like when you first find out where R.E.M.’s secret headquarters is, then you can’t stop staring, then you try to look away and ignore it but it’s still […]

Law & Order: Music Law Panel

This Thursday was an incredibly long day for me music wise. Several albums due to be reviewed, lots of emails, and a concert to promote. Needless to say, I was not in the best mood. Thankfully, I had something to look forward to: The Second Annual Music Law Forum, presented by the UGA Music Business […]

Now I Am Bitter

I doubt Ted would’ve minded me using the title of his P*** Orchard song for this post. I am furious at the moment and here‘s why. The whole thing revolves around the greatest place in town, Nuci’s Space. Founded in 1999, the non-profit has been dedicated to helping those poor vagabonds we call musicians here […]

Venues = Warmth

Truth be told, Athens, GA does not get very cold. Being in the deep southern United States will do that to your thermostat. That doesn’t mean that I don’t freeze my tush off on a regular basis though. Sure, you up North can say that 40 degrees is not cold and I have no clue […]

The Perils of Moving Stations

WUOG is back on air now, broadcasting from Tate Center. Normally, I’d be “YAY! My radio’s back!” Right now, though, I’m a little worried. You see, all of our crap is in boxes piled from floor to ceiling. The cds, the photos, some gold records that I was not aware of… Then we get the […]

Cover Charge

This weekend was my boss’s wedding so the celebrating and festivities went on all Saturday. There was a party before, the actual wedding, the reception, and then the party after the reception. Since I haven’t been working here all that long, I went to the after-reception party at the Melting Point. Parties are kinda awkward […]

Corey Smith: 5 Things You Should Know

Corey Smith stopped by our UGA Music Business class yesterday to kick off the new semester in style. The former teacher stood in front of a great crowd of students, musicians, and others from the Athens music community and told his story about how he has made a living from his music. I’ve said before […]