Coming Up on Athens Music Junkie

A new year brings new ideas and new possibilities so Athens Music Junkie is going to go full force for our first full calendar year of existence. It’s been fun trying to decide what to do with this outlet since it’s grown so expect some big new stuff coming down the pike.

I’m saying prepare for more tour date schedules, record reviews, and, gasp, ACTUAL ARTIST INTERVIEWS! Woah.

Consider this a warming…2009 is going to rock your face off. Some stuff we’ll be covering in the next few months.

From R.E.M. HQ:
“Reckoning” will be reissued so expect some coverage of the release party
Tribute Concert at Carnegie Hall in NY (as much as possible)
Any new recording rumors
Peter Buck’s side projects will garner a mention as the Minus 5, Venus 3, Tuatara and all the others release records and tour.

The Modern Skirts are “officially” releasing their sophomore disc so check back here for updates on how that’s going along with some show reviews.

Pylon is rumored to be rereleasing their back catalog soon and have been doing a lot more shows lately…

Widespread Panic, as always, are on tour. I’m hoping to cover them a bit more this year.

Friend of the blog Randall Bramblett is still going strong and we’ll be keeping track of him via the UGA Music Business Program.

WUOG will be settling into its new home in Tate. We’ll post some pictures of the new digs as soon as possible.

Dead Confederate, rising stars of the Athens scene, keep impressing the critics and music fans alike. It’s going to be a challenge keeping up with them but we’ll try!

Remember that one album from way back yonder? The B-B-Q Killers or the Swimming Pool Q’s? You do? Do you remember what you thought about it? What would a review of it today look like? Stay tuned….

All this and whatever else gets thrown this way,


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