How I Met Witness the Apotheosis

Let me being by saying that before I was introduced to Witness the Apotheosis I had no clue what the hell “darkwave” was. Now that I’ve heard, I’m still not exactly sure but I think I have a better idea.

Zak is a friend of mine from the UGA Music Business Program. If you were on the UGA campus during Gameday last fall, you might’ve seen him. He’s the guy in mostly black with small “UGA MBUS PRESENTS” concert fliers stuck all over his body. The guy is relentless and his music shows that same dedication.

I remember first meeting Zak and going “This is an interesting guy…” He said he was in a band and from the way he dressed I assumed it was some metal/hardcore band in Athens. (Metal and its offspring is NOT my forte by any means). So we invited him and his band up to WUOG one night. We were not prepared for it.

Witness the Apotheosis has a sound that I can’t really describe. It’s like you took Depeche Mode mix, threw in some more industrial sound fruit, and filled the rest of the mixer with dark soul searching lyrical ice. Makes for a hell of a drink but if you don’t have a taste for it, it may just make you stand back and stare.

Some of the songs on their myspace freak me out. Especially “Asylum” which features Zak laughing maniacally. Darkness is what they aim for. Darkness is what you get.

The ultimate irony of the darkness that is WtA is that Zak and Terance are quite possibly the nicest people in Athens. They’re quick to compliment and very very careful about complaints.

So if you have a chance, Witness the Apotheosis is playing the Rye Bar this weekend. Go see ’em, even if you don’t like darkwave. It’s a chance to see something completely unique in Athens, which is unfortunately rare these days.


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