Venues = Warmth

Truth be told, Athens, GA does not get very cold. Being in the deep southern United States will do that to your thermostat. That doesn’t mean that I don’t freeze my tush off on a regular basis though.

Sure, you up North can say that 40 degrees is not cold and I have no clue what I’m talking about. To that I say, why don’t you come down here in July? That way I can mock you when you complain about 70 degrees being oh so hot.

Back to my original topic. It’s cold. Really cold. Like 9 degrees this morning. And when you go to a lot of shows in cinderblock-like buildings, you have to know where the heat is and whether the band is worth losing some toes to frostbite for. Normally, I’d consider going to a venue for its sound quality, atmosphere, stuff like that. In the winter though? That crap goes out the window. Take me someplace warm!!!

The Caledonia Lounge usually falls on my list o’ avoidance because unless you can position yourself right underneath the heater, it’s not worth it. I’m gonna just pass Gordon some hot chocolate on the way to the 40 Watt instead.

Also suffering would be the place known as Rye Bar. It used to be called DT’s but after some much needed repairs, reopened. The venue is small and basically a basement downtown. Freezing cold. There are very few acts I would go see during this cold snap…

Then there’s Little Kings Shuffle Club. Part of the allure is the nifty little picnic situation they have out back. But if it’s cold, good luck getting my rear outside.

The Melting Point is one that can go either way. The outside is great for standing and they do have little space heaters but it’s probably just better to stay inside and have a drink of Peach Tea.

That being said, I’ll probably be headed to all of ’em if the right band is playing but expect to find me in the Watt or Theatre, warming my hands by air drumming like a moron.


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  1. I appreciate the Hot Chocolate but Rock and Roll is always worth the suffering. Yeah, I said it.-Gordon:)

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