Now I Am Bitter

I doubt Ted would’ve minded me using the title of his P*** Orchard song for this post. I am furious at the moment and here‘s why.

The whole thing revolves around the greatest place in town, Nuci’s Space. Founded in 1999, the non-profit has been dedicated to helping those poor vagabonds we call musicians here in Athens. They provide access to mental and physical health services, practice rooms for bands to rent, a pretty good reading library, a stage to perform on…everything a musician might need really.

So here’s the kicker. Athens-Clarke County wants to deny the Space a property tax exemption. Since it sells beer/food, rents practice space, sells instruments, and other profitable endeavors, it shouldn’t be exempt they argue. The fact that this all goes back to the Space to help run it seems lost on them.

Looking at the arguments on the ABH page, it seems that (at least among the membership) we all agree that this is pretty dumb. Musicians aren’t exactly rolling in the dough in the first place and a non-profit supporting them has its own challenges financially without having to pay for legal representation, fees, and what not.

WHY? Why go after these guys? Is the ACC really hurting that bad for funding? *SIGH*

ANYWAY, If you want to learn more about Nuci’s Space, here’s a link. Even if you’re not in the Athens area, you can still donate to the cause. Thanks guys.

Have a great long weekend.


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