Monthly Archives: February 2009

Randy Bewley

(Photo/Michael Lachowski) This hurts so much to write. It has been a very hard day for us all in Athens. We have lost one of our dearest friends. A critical part of our community has been taken from us and he will be missed sorely. Randy Bewley, known to the world as the guitarist in […]

My Favorite Bands Still Rock: An Essay

I got a message on Facebook last night asking my opinion on acts like Springsteen, U2, and Tom Petty’s longevity and why they matter to younger fans. I ended up writing a whole lot more than what’s in this post and in the response but I was so intrigued by this stream of consciousness essay […]

Weekly Injection

So here’s some random stuff going on this week in Athens and in my own scary little world. 1) Music Business Panels – TUESDAY, folks from all parts of the music industry here in Athens, GA will be speaking on a panel in the SLC (I refuse to call it the MLC) Room 148 from […]

Take a Picture Here…

One thing I love about Athens (besides the music of course) is all the different avenues of artistic expression there are. Especially photography. Man, there are some talented people in this town and they know their way around a camera. A ton of them are musicians themselves and end up taking pictures of other bands. […]

Venice Is Sinking at WUOG

Seeing as how we’re still not up and running in the “Live in the Lobby” department, I’ve been trying to compensate a bit by inviting different artists to the station to dj for a bit and promote. Tuesday night found me staring down 4 members of Venice is Sinking, complete with records in tow. Venice […]

Michael Lachowski at WUOG

After my trip to Macon, I got the honor of being the in-house dj to Michael Lachowski during his community radio shift on Valentine’s night. The programming director had asked me about it a few weeks ago and I jumped at the chance. How often do you get to dj with a living local legend? […]

Dreams to Remember: My trip to Macon

Since UGA is doing a tribute to Otis Redding this Tuesday and I was asked to interview the family onstage, I thought it best if I head down to Macon and look at the Otis Redding: Dreams to Remember tribute to gain some insight for questions and context. Always one to mix business and pleasure, […]

Satisfaction. Chris McKay style!

Check the sidebar to the left and you’ll see a nifty little gadget. It’s a music player featuring Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings. Since they sold out of every last physical copy of “Satisfactionista,” this is the best bet to hear the album unless you buy it from iTunes or Amazon or specially from […]

CD Review: Venice is Sinking

I borrowed Venice is Sinking’s second disc from the guys at Team Clermont and I am very reluctant to ever let it go. What follows is an epic journey into time and space through sound. A quick word about the artwork as always. It confuses me that an album so beautiful and weightless would have […]


So we’re working on a new Athens Music Junkie logo. Something a bit more appealing than our current hat/sunglasses thing. Yeah, it’s cute but we need a change. Also coming up are some layout changes. Hopefully no more cutting off pictures and smooshing text together! Upcoming Coverage: Review of Venice is Sinking’s AZARVenice is Sinking […]