Randy Bewley

(Photo/Michael Lachowski)This hurts so much to write. It has been a very hard day for us all in Athens. We have lost one of our dearest friends. A critical part of our community has been taken from us and he will be missed sorely.Randy Bewley, known to the world as the guitarist in Pylon, passed … Continue reading Randy Bewley


My Favorite Bands Still Rock: An Essay

I got a message on Facebook last night asking my opinion on acts like Springsteen, U2, and Tom Petty's longevity and why they matter to younger fans. I ended up writing a whole lot more than what's in this post and in the response but I was so intrigued by this stream of consciousness essay … Continue reading My Favorite Bands Still Rock: An Essay

Weekly Injection

So here's some random stuff going on this week in Athens and in my own scary little world.1) Music Business Panels - TUESDAY, folks from all parts of the music industry here in Athens, GA will be speaking on a panel in the SLC (I refuse to call it the MLC) Room 148 from 6-8pm. … Continue reading Weekly Injection

Venice Is Sinking at WUOG

Seeing as how we're still not up and running in the "Live in the Lobby" department, I've been trying to compensate a bit by inviting different artists to the station to dj for a bit and promote. Tuesday night found me staring down 4 members of Venice is Sinking, complete with records in tow.Venice is … Continue reading Venice Is Sinking at WUOG

Michael Lachowski at WUOG

After my trip to Macon, I got the honor of being the in-house dj to Michael Lachowski during his community radio shift on Valentine's night. The programming director had asked me about it a few weeks ago and I jumped at the chance. How often do you get to dj with a living local legend? … Continue reading Michael Lachowski at WUOG

Dreams to Remember: My trip to Macon

Since UGA is doing a tribute to Otis Redding this Tuesday and I was asked to interview the family onstage, I thought it best if I head down to Macon and look at the Otis Redding: Dreams to Remember tribute to gain some insight for questions and context. Always one to mix business and pleasure, … Continue reading Dreams to Remember: My trip to Macon