From the Inbox: Scion/Vice Metal Fest

Just look at the beauty that is this poster. Wow.

So surely you’ve heard about the huge/amazing/awesome metal fest going on in ATL on the 28th at the Masquerade Music Park…for free! You wanna go right? Right? What’s that? You don’t know how to get tickets?

Directly quoted from the email:

“To obtain tickets to the fest please visit and enter your email address in the register box. If you live within a 60 mile radius of a retail pick up location you will be given the option of stores close to you. Choose the store easiest for you to visit and you will be emailed a confirmation to get a pair of tickets at the that location. Bring this confirmation to the store to obtain your tickets. If you live outside that radius your name will be added to a will call list to get tickets day of at the venue and you will be emailed a confirmation for that. Early arrival is highly recommended, as a ticket does not guarantee entry. Once the park is full, that’s it.”

Oh, by the way, We’re Sending Correspondents! That’s right. We’ll have another special guest post from two metalheads about Mastodon and everyone else at the fest. ROCK ON!


UPDATE: And now they’re full. Sorry guys. Maybe hang around and see if anyone has an extra?

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  1. sorry, bud, this event is totally full up. no more free tix available for readers.-Gordon

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