Happy Happy Joy Joy!

After yet another thirty minutes of searching frantically through boxes before my shift, I finally found them. The local records. The vinyl!! Those sneaky little Athens, GA 7″s and LPs had been hiding in the jazz collection, trying to be all cool and hip. Ha!

So last night’s playlist on WUOG was very heavy on the vinyl. I threw in a cd right after each break because the record player is so far out of reach it creates the dreaded dead air. Everything went pretty smooth. A technical glitch every now and then but oh well. That’s what college radio is for anyhow.

I think the best part of the night for me was when someone called up asking for the Method Actors when I had just grabbed it from the box. Great minds think alike. I sat back in my chair and just looked over each sleeve. Most of them were signed by the bands. The Brains, Method Actors, Pylon… each of them had these little scrawls on there like “Sorry for the crappy recording. Love you John!”.

Live in the Lobby is still a no-go for a while. Until then, we’ll just keep spinning the local vinyl (that I found!) and will try to get some local artists up for interviews and guest shifts.

Happy Wednesday,


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