Venice Is Sinking at WUOG

Seeing as how we’re still not up and running in the “Live in the Lobby” department, I’ve been trying to compensate a bit by inviting different artists to the station to dj for a bit and promote. Tuesday night found me staring down 4 members of Venice is Sinking, complete with records in tow.

Venice is one of those bands whose members stay consistently busy with different projects in Athens. The members have played in other bands and worked with the likes of PacificUV and Liz Durrett. So I really wasn’t surprised when they showed up with tons of cds from their past excursions. The playlist was full of friends and familiar faces to Venice.

These guys took djaying seriously. Any gaps or miscues kinda threw them for a loop but overall, they did well. My favorite form of guest torture is the “announcement” segment we do every fifteen minutes. It’s nice to see someone else ponder over pronunciation every once in a while. It was a lot of fun getting to chat with them.

Anyway, Venice was on to promote their new cd, AZAR, which we reviewed here. It was a massive undertaking for the band and it paid off. They’re having a release show this FRIDAY at the 40 WATT. And you get a free cd with admission. Well worth your time. The band is expected to be out in Texas for the South-By-Southwest festival.

Lucas also mentioned that they’ve got the material for the next album which may be released on vinyl. That’ll be nice to see.

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