Weekly Injection

So here’s some random stuff going on this week in Athens and in my own scary little world.

1) Music Business Panels – TUESDAY, folks from all parts of the music industry here in Athens, GA will be speaking on a panel in the SLC (I refuse to call it the MLC) Room 148 from 6-8pm. Expect tons of great advice from people like Widespread Panic and Team Clermont (thanks for the bookmark Shil!).

2) Taping a video. I’ll be helping film a local artist in hope of someday getting him on Letterman. Expect plenty of “Oh God the camera fell on me” moments.

3) Album reviews. I’ve got the new Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings in the wings (check ’em out in the sidebar) and the new Old Ceremony is coming up soon too.

4) And this just made me smile. Check about halfway down for a familiar nickname. Ah, the wonders of the interwebs.


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