Dead Giveaway

Greetings fellow Confed-heads. In honor of the truly kickass show Dead Confederate put on Thursday night at the 40 Watt, we're giving away a copy of the Dead Confederate EP. First person to email us at with the subject title REBEL REBEL gets it. We'll email you back, get your mailing info, and in … Continue reading Dead Giveaway


Well That Was Random: Strawberry Flats at Bolton Dining Hall

Some days, I really just have to toss my head back and laugh at the sheer ridiculousness that is my luck. Really, how many people can say they had a world famous record producer's band play in their dining hall? I got to sit and eat amazing food and watch Strawberry Flats rock Bolton. I'm … Continue reading Well That Was Random: Strawberry Flats at Bolton Dining Hall

There Will Be Bloodkin

I don't know if you caught this week's Flagpole article on Bloodkin but it seems the boys are finally getting some respect and recognition.There are certain things that bands go through that aren't very nice to think about. People become addicts, alcoholics, abusive...while the bandmates are left to either resist or become overwhelmed themselves. People … Continue reading There Will Be Bloodkin

Lean Keane Dancin’ Machine

(Photo/David Manning, Athens Banner Herald)Producer, guitarist, singer....dancing champion. Yes folks, apparently John Keane can do it all. Last night was "Dancing with the Athens Stars," the benefit for Project Safe that pairs professional dancers with not so professional Athenians. This year's event brought in $93,000! The event was postponed after the snowstorm two weeks ago … Continue reading Lean Keane Dancin’ Machine