Mike Sparrow

You probably didn’t know Mike Sparrow. And to be perfectly honest, I really didn’t know him either. But we’ve lost another Athens musician. This has been a truly horrible week for our community with Randy’s passing, snowstorms and power failures, and now this.

Mike played in a Sublime tribute group called “Wrong Way.” I always had them perpetually marked as a “Go See Eventually” kind of band. I’m regretting that now. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

Flagpole has details here about what happened.

Nuci’s Space has a blurb about Mike here.

Mike Sparrow Farewell Gathering
March 19th @ Pigpen Studios 7-11pm

The evening will be in memory of Mr. Mike Sparrow.
We will be listening to his latest record, Bored in the South, amongst others.
Fellow musicians and friends are encouraged to play their own renditions of his songs. Terrapin is showing their undying support by donating some of their wonderful brews.
Come listen, come talk…love you Mike!

Please RSVP.

Daniel Maldonado Collins
Pigpen Studios
Pigpen Records
(706) 369-6755



  1. Please come out and show you respect for a life that ended way to soon. Mike you will be missed! RIP

  2. I wish I could have been there to show my sport for a truly amazing person…since i couldn’t can anyone post his songs from his album. I can only find Sanctuary, which was incredible. I would love to hear his other songs.Love and miss you Mike!

  3. Mike Sparrow rocks my world. I am glad that his soul is at peace, but I believe the world is now poorer for his passing. Our loss; his well earned gain. Mike is truly one of the most beautiful souls to ever spring from the mind of God.Peace,Jason Wilcox

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