So it’s no big secret that I’ve done freelance work for Flagpole. The alternative weekly rag here in Athens lets me write show and album reviews from time to time and basically helps me eat. Well, if you didn’t think they’d lost their minds the first go round, brains are running rampant in Athens now. They gave me a co-authorship on their blog.

I BLOG FOR FLAGPOLE. Wow. I feel, established, or something…

The name of the blog is Homedrone and I cover music along with editor Michelle and local musician Jeff Tobias. They call me a “pro” blogger. Now if I could just convince my parents that blogging is an actual profession.

Anyway, posts range from breaking announcements to social media (which I seem to be posting a lot about lately.) Like this post about Athens bands on twitter. Which reminds me…you can follow me on twitter via the cool little button on the left.

More posts coming this week as I continue to get my strength back from Spring Break.

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