Lean Keane Dancin’ Machine

(Photo/David Manning, Athens Banner Herald)

Producer, guitarist, singer….dancing champion. Yes folks, apparently John Keane can do it all.

Last night was “Dancing with the Athens Stars,” the benefit for Project Safe that pairs professional dancers with not so professional Athenians. This year’s event brought in $93,000! The event was postponed after the snowstorm two weeks ago but that didn’t seem to put a damper on things at all. Keane danced, shimmied, and slid into the first-place Judges’ Choice award.

Keane, known for his work with artists like the Indigo Girls and R.E.M., flew back from recording sessions in California TWICE to take part. You’ll probably remember him from a few posts here on AMJ about his band Strawberry Flats and his performances with Randall Bramblett.

Fortunately for anyone who couldn’t be there, the Athens Banner-Herald was. Congrats to all the performers.

Next year I wanna see Nelson Wells on that floor.


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