Record Rumor Mill

I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors going around town about some bands FINALLY putting out new material and releasing the older stuff in newer packages. So here’s a minipost.

Five Eight is rumored to be working on new material as a follow up to their last album. They played a kick ass show to Legion Field on Thursday night, photos up soon.

My beloved Television Buzz, how I miss thee. I received a very touching letter and a copy of some unmastered material. It is mind-blowing.

R.E.M., never far from our radar here, is re-releasing “Reckoning.” This much we know. But it’s looking like, again, according to rumor, June 23rd may be the magic date. That means release party (hell yeah!) on the 22nd, which is also the week of ATHFEST. Do with that info what you may.

Pylon IS going to re-release “Chomp”. Artwork will more than likely feature Randy Bewley’s dino drawings.

So there’s a mini-post until I get back up and running. Sorry for the crazy week guys. We’ll be back on schedule (Tues/Thurs/Weekend/BreakingNews) next week.

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