There Will Be Bloodkin

I don’t know if you caught this week’s Flagpole article on Bloodkin but it seems the boys are finally getting some respect and recognition.

There are certain things that bands go through that aren’t very nice to think about. People become addicts, alcoholics, abusive…while the bandmates are left to either resist or become overwhelmed themselves. People die from these things guys. When I heard the story about Bloodkin, I was very inspired. It takes a lot of work to get to where they are today.

So Congrats and well wishes guys.

Bloodkin – LIVE AT Nuçi’s Space from Nuçi's Space on Vimeo.

Pitchfork seems very pleased.

Rolling Stone’s David Fricke finally gets the picture here.

Okay, I’ve taken a lot of potshots at David Fricke over the years but I have to agree: Bloodkin rocks.

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