Speak Loudly and Carry a Large Spork

I was hoping to have a review of Flash to Bang Time’s show at the Caledonia for you today but the band canceled and the venue didn’t have enough time to tell the rest of us. I should’ve known it was going to be one of those nights when “Piano Man,” the song that’s been stuck in my head all freakin day, came on the radio. I was SO screwed.

I got to the Caledonia around 9:45 and met G at the door. We conversed for a bit until he broke the bad news. No Flash to Bang Time. GAH! I had already heard the other bands on the bill and none of them were worth staying for so I headed out for a walkabout on the nice Spring evening.

Patterson Hood’s birthday party at the 40 Watt was pretty empty when I passed by the first time on the way to Little Kings. I stopped and made a mental note to check back in. It felt good just to be outside on Monday night. You could see the stars through the streetlights. Then things got a little creepy. NO ONE was out. Downtown Athens was as empty as my head during finals. I swear, I thought I saw tumbleweeds.

I made it to Little Kings in time to catch a friend who was leaving “Trivia Night.” Apparently there were only a few people there so the whole thing ended quickly.

“I WILL FIND MUSIC!” I swore loudly to the heavens above the Georgia skyline. The heavens just laughed at me. There would be no satisfaction this night.

With no other options, I headed back to the 40 Watt. I passed through the smoker’s ring in time to catch the last 3 minutes of a really long jam session. Then a dj came on and played “Piano Man.” Yes, the same freakin song I’ve been trying to get out of my head for days now. I’m afraid I’ve done permanent damage to my ear canal trying to gouge out my brain with a spork.

So I left. I walked briskly across the parking lot to the Caledonia and commenced several conversations with G. The band inside was loud and just plain boring. But we did have a nice conversation about “Around the Sun.” It was nice catching up with him again but this night was a complete bust.

I came back home, typed up an important email, blogged this, and am currently looking at my bed longingly. *SIGH* At least I have the radio show tomorrow.


  1. Sorry we missed you, too. But hey, as for “Piano Man”? I had a worse one appear in my head in the middle of the night. Have you ever heard Paul McCartney’s “Spies Like Us”? Oof! It is NOT one you want to wake you up and keep spinning in a loop. That is some torturous experience. Good luck on the show tonight. And I’m looking forward to taking you up on a Darlings’ issue of it soon!Thanks again for the Sustainapalooza review and the pics!Here’s “Spies Like Us” if you want to check out MY special version of Hell. It’s not even so bad it’s good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27ATt3FXAUYSee you soon!C

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