Well That Was Random: tunabunny at WUOG

After what had been a very long and incredibly strange day, I had hoped to just be devastatingly lazy with my dj shift at WUOG on Tuesday. Normally, I have everything that I play outlined a bit but I just had not had the time this week. Yes, it makes me feel bad but it’s only happened twice before this. Luckily, the gods of rock decided to throw me a bone and sent me a band: tunabunny.

From what I can gather, tunabunny had made an appointment to be interviewed by a staffer for the Local Music blog. The staffer wasn’t there but tunabunny was. I, being the good Athens music junkie, was hiding in the stacks next to the Dreams So Real vinyl, reading liner notes and considering playlists. I was also standing on the swivel chair of doom.

Three of the members come in and start talking making me nearly fall off my chair. After a quick questioning (read, slightly paranoid questioning) I thought it best that if they’d already come all this way, why not let ’em hang out? It wasn’t the first time I’ve had a full band come in. I had no clue what to expect. It turned out to be one of the best times I’ve ever had with a band.

I was very pleased and flattered to learn that they had heard one of my shows before, taking note of my habit of ALWAYS starting my shift with Pylon. I started doing that nearly three years ago. We clicked very well, sharing jokes and interesting music from the archives. I had never heard of tunabunny before but they’re playing our prom so I figured I’d let them plug a few shows and then I’d ask a few questions. Great chance to do some on the fly music journalism right?

There were the basic questions: Tell me about your name, what do you sound like, what are you working on, etc. Then I asked the traditional Local Music staff question: What’s your favorite magical creature? One answer: MICHAEL STIPE. Needless to say, anyone listening at that point was treated to five minutes of laughter from all of us. We laughed a lot actually. It was the silliest I’ve felt in a long time.

So, do me a favor and check these guys out. Anyone with that much cheer deserves a good fighting chance. The past few weeks have been rough but they’re looking better. I think my new favorite magical creature is a tunabunny.

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  1. hey athens music junkie. never got a chance to drop off those cd's of that 1978 b52s show & the limbo district cd. drop us a line at tunabunnytheband@yahoo.com and we'll either drop them in the mail or leave them at the radio station…

    thanks again for putting up with our antics,
    scott from tbunny

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