Athfest Lineup: Take One

Athfest released it's first draft of the Outdoor Stage lineup for 2009 today. It's shaping up to be a pretty interesting mix of bands with the previously announced headliners drawing tons of interest. Yes, I did copy/paste the list straight from but I added links to each band's myspace so you can get a … Continue reading Athfest Lineup: Take One

30 Years of Normaltown Flyers

(Photo/Jordan Stepp)When I was offered the chance to help Wes Delk at the Normaltown Flyer's 30th anniversary show, I jumped right at it. The Flyers have been an integral part of the Athens music scene since before the beginning. These are the kinds of things I had read about in "Party Out of Bounds," old … Continue reading 30 Years of Normaltown Flyers

Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings at WUOG

In a weak moment, I invited that no good slacker Chris McKay and his buddies to come dj with me at WUOG one Tuesday night. Mistake. I'm just kidding, we actually had a lot of fun while causing all sorts of mayhem.Chris, Josh, and Frank came into the station quietly, passing by our two singer/songwriters … Continue reading Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings at WUOG

Comeback Watch: Tommy Valentine

Rappers, hip-hop, and R&B don't get a lot of coverage in Athens or honestly, on this blog. So when Mr. Valentine saw it fit to leave an email for us, we were intrigued and amused by the thought out responses to our questions. Valentine left the scene in order to try and gain some perspective … Continue reading Comeback Watch: Tommy Valentine

Athens Music Junkie: Youtube Junkie

So, in case you haven't noticed yet, we now have a youtube page up and running! It's only been up for a little over a month and we're already spreading the gospel that is Athens music to the world. And a little embed on this site did help.So far we've got two Pylon vids, an … Continue reading Athens Music Junkie: Youtube Junkie

New Addiction: Matt Kurz One

When you think of one man bands, you're usually thinking of Bert from Mary Poppins. You know, the cute little drum tied to him, the cymbals at his knees, the adorable fake accent...Anyway, Matt Kurz One is not an adorable one man band. He is badass. The dude plays bass guitar with his left foot, … Continue reading New Addiction: Matt Kurz One

Get Outta Town: Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 in ATL

ALL PHOTOS BY SOFIA PEREAAs I anxiously paced the floor of my room, wondering when my ride would arrive, I listened to my vinyl copy of Robyn Hitchcock's Ole! Tarantula. I blame my boss for getting me hooked and JJ for letting me buy it. I've played around with Hitchcock's music before but it took … Continue reading Get Outta Town: Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 in ATL

CD Review: Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings

(Scott Bullock / artworkThe Critical Darlings' newest album sold out so fast that it was gone before it was officially released. Yup, no hard copies left in sight. A quick word about the artwork as per usual. While it's not the surreal flying fish thing from the last record, the lady in the water … Continue reading CD Review: Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings