When It Rains….It Pours Shows

GIFT HORSE (Photo/Travis Dorn, http://www.dornbrothers.com)For some reason, it almost always happens that there's a ton of shows I really want to see all on the same night. I've blogged about my choice crisis before so no use treading down that path again. Regardless, if you're like me, you haven't been out lately for whatever reason. … Continue reading When It Rains….It Pours Shows

Flagpole Music Awards: Band/Performer of the Year

(Art/Ziona Kocher, lizzybknits.deviantart.com)You might have noticed that the ballot for Band/Performer of the Year of the Flagpole Athens Music Awards is blank. Which means you have over 500 Athens bands to choose from to pick as the best. You've seen all the nominees for the other groups, you've got the power of the internet at … Continue reading Flagpole Music Awards: Band/Performer of the Year

Flagpole Music Awards: Upstarts

They're the noobs, the openers, the little rookies that older bands can smash under their feet on the way to the top. Ironically, most of these bands nominated in Upstarts for the Flagpole Athens Music Awards will probably outlast their tormentors. These kids work hard for the (lack of) money and show tons of potential. … Continue reading Flagpole Music Awards: Upstarts

Flagpole Music Awards: Solo Performer

ADAM KLEINThe first time I saw Adam Klein, I was on assignment for Flagpole. It was one of my first show reviews and I was a bit nervous. I shouldn't have been. The very kind Klein charmed the socks off the entire audience with his very folky americana sound. I remember thinking I had been … Continue reading Flagpole Music Awards: Solo Performer