Flagpole Music Awards: Electronic/DJ

I’ll go ahead and admit that I have no clue about anyone other than Ruby Isle in this category. The only band I dance to is Pylon. But I’m not everyone, thank god, so I dug up what I could find about each Electronic/DJ nominee on the 2009 Flagpole Athens Music Awards ballot. Voting ends on May 29,2009. And here are the nominees, presented by Mr. Electron Blue himself.

The first song up on the page is “One More Time To Pretend,” aka, the sickest mashup I’ve heard in a while. Just FYI, IMMUZIKATION is playing the 40 Watt this Friday with the Walkmen and the PR darlings Kuroma. My fave by far is L.E.S.D.A.N.C.E., probably because a certain someone got me hooked on the original song last year.

In addition to being the only band here I’m familiar with, the absolutely insane Ruby Isle is in contention for my write-in vote for best album artwork. Seriously. Take 80s retro and throw a giant freakin cherry on the front. Priceless. The album features Tay “Chocolate Rain” Zonday, beats you can’t help but move to, and unbelievably catchy hooks. You’ll be singing “So Damn High” in your sleep.

It’s a bit odd to see Seadub up against the others here since the music is quite a bit different sounding. As the name suggests, there’s a lot more emphasis on dub than straight mixing/matching and electronic trickery. I’m really digging “Layin In Bed” right now. Not bad for a business major.

The music is heavy on the instrumental side and way more trip-hop than I’m used to. That said, words are easy to mix and repeat. It’s really all about the beat and T8R(Tot)has you covered.You can download his album for free straight from the myspace if you really like what you hear.

DJ Triz
Taking samples from different movies, tv shows, and songs, Triz has the most magpie-like style of the nominees. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly hear George Cloony talking to Terminator during a song. It’s all in great fun. FYI, Triz is playing the Georgia Theatre tomorrow night

Check in tomorrow when we’ll look at the smooth sounds of the Jazz nominees.


  1. Great article, so I assume you don’t like to flame to much. Growing up in Florida I was exposed to a lot of great DJ/electronic music. For every band Athens has, Gainesville has a DJ. Hence, the best DJ, who also originates from Gainesville Florida is Immunization. He is also an awarded dancer.

  2. I mean, there’s also a write-in spot, so you can feel free to write-in Athens’ only darkwave/industrial act, Witness the Apotheosis 😀

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