Flagpole Music Awards: Jazz

Now, I’m not a jazz expert by any stretch of the imagination. The blurbs below are short because, again, I don’t know enough about jazz to elaborate. I can listen to and appreciate it but the nominees in Jazz on the 2009 Flagpole Athens Music Awards ballot live and breathe jazz. Voting ends on May 29, 2009. And here’s those Bunker Boys with the smooth and sultry nominees.

Mary Sigalas is a hairdresser by day, jazz singer by night. And last year, my boss at Athfest! I’m in love with “Angel Eyes,” a sad and slow ballad that makes you ache.

Well, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t find a site dedicated to just Carl so the link above is to Squat. Carl’s been a bit of a staple in the Athens jazz scene and I really can’t think of anyone who’s been more visible than him in the past few years.

Last time I saw these guys, I was blown away. This is New Orleans jazz at its finest. I’m currently blasting “Bourbon Bailey” from their site and can practically see the streets of Orleans at night right before my eyes.

If it fails to win any awards this year, Kenosha Kid at least deserves props for a wonderful website. Probably my favorite project of theirs is the new soundtrack to “Steamboat Bill.” A lot more towards the rock spectrum of jazz, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better combo of DIY college spirit and old school soul.

This is probably the most traditional leaning group in the Jazz category from what I’ve heard. It’s straight ahead piano-based jazz like you’re used to. I call it rainy day jazz but it’s really calming any time. FYI, they’re playing the Melting Point this Sunday.

Make sure to come back tomorrow when we look at the nominees for the World category.

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