Flagpole Music Awards: World

To say that the World category is broad would be an understatement. It’s always a hard category for me to pick from because there’s not a great way to judge the value of a good reggae record versus a collection of folk songs from just across the Atlantic. But I’ll listen to anything once! So get on with your bad multicultural music selves and check out the nominees in the WORLD category of the Flagpole Athens Music Awards. Voting ends May 29!


I’ve had the pleasure of spinning the Beggars newest album Bawdy Noise at WUOG since February. It’s a collection of songs by Scottish poet Robert Burns played on traditionally folk instruments. Even if you’re not a fan of Burns’ poetry, the Beggars put on a good show and keep you a wand’rin back for more.

Ah,Dubconscious. These guys own a permanent spot in this category. They lost out to Grogus last year, but these are not the type to hold grudges. Socially responsible, uplifting and just plain good dub reggae. My loved track right now is “Nonviolent.”

Latin makes a comeback! Yes, I am a complete fool over latin music. Couldn’t tell you the first thing about it, I just like it. Some of their stuff has an oh so subtle jazz twinge but the myspace song is just pure bliss. You can usually find these guys playing special events around the UGA campus.

I tried to salsa once. It ended horribly for all parties involved. All I can say is that maybe if One L was playing, it would’ve been alright. One L was also up against Grogus last year in this category so if you love salsa music, this should be your choice. One L is playing May 16th at Farm 255 if you want to catch them live.

What can I say about the Rectanglers? It’s music like I really haven’t heard before. The songs on their site are heavily rhythm oriented with tons of percussion but little trills and flecks of horns. It shouldn’t work. It does work. You go from a deep head bobbing grove into a sudden onslaught of sound. “Other/Afro Beat.” I think just “other” would suffice. Wow.

Make sure to come back tomorrow when we look at the nominees for the Jam/Funk category.

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