Flagpole Music Awards: Experimental

(Art/Ziona Kocher, lizzybknits.deviantart.com)

It’s the strange, the weird, the “I just can’t turn away” redheaded cousin of Electronic music. Experimental music pushes the boundaries of your mind and eardrums in hopes of finding something exciting, shiny, and new. The nominees on the Experimental section of the Flagpole Athens Music Awards ballot do all of that. With microwaves. And balloons. Voting ends on May 29th but hold onto your socks, folks. Things are about to get weird…

Athens is all about experimentation. Take a killer name like Diet Rock Star, add a few keyboards that sound like miniature helicopters taking off and you have yourself Experimental music. While I’m not quite sure why the Drive-By Truckers are on their top friends list, it would be well deserved. Take a listen if you dare.

Don’t ask me where the name came from ’cause I don’t have a clue.Probably one of the more traditional acts on this ballot, DLAS features a pretty recognizable song structure in their work. It almost sounds like The Killers in places. They’re playing Monday at GO Bar if you want to take a gander.

Following in the great Athenian tradition of bands with punctuation, K!LL!CK will do much to confuse you. Songs that start and stop and start in various volumes and tempos play on the tattooed man’s site. His experimental work leans more towards high pitched beeps and lots of empty space for maximum impact. Also playing Monday at GO Bar

Jeff Tobias has come through yet again with the save! Memory Gospel Dancers is “the improv version of We Versus the Shark.” Featuring Al Daglis and Kris Deason from Dark Meat, it makes sense that this glorious mess is actually quite melodic. And loud. It’s more listenable than most experimental but that doesn’t mean the MGD don’t go boldly where few have gone before.


A lot of drone, a few random horns thrown in, and a label called Thor’s Rubber Hammer (yay Lars!)This sounds like a lot of the stuff we end up playing on WUOG. Sonic experiments that make you wonder how it all relates, if it even relates at all. I give them props for the really cool posters they always seem to have.

Make sure to come back tomorrow when we look at the nominees for the Hip-Hop/Rap category.


  1. “While I’m not quite sure why the Drive-By Truckers are on their top friends list, it would be well deserved.”

    Craig is their merch dude and they are good friends. I mean, does it matter? You might want to educate yourself a little bit on experimental/noise/avant garde music.

  2. Thanks Candice. Makes sense. And no, it doesn’t matter, it was just humorous to me. And I will educate myself. Kinda the whole point behind this whole 20 clusterf*** of posts.

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