Flagpole Music Awards: Rock

(Art/Ziona Kocher, lizzybknits.deviantart.com)

If you throw a blender into a tree in the woods, does it make a sound? Hell if I know. I’m probably off listening to one of these Flagpole Athens Music Awards Rock nominees. Loud and proud, these are the bands that rock your faces off each time they step onstage. And don’t pretend you aren’t tempted to blast their cds while riding around with the windows down. Yeah, I saw you. Make sure you vote before May 29th.

A.Armada’s album isn’t music for your ears, it’s music for your soul. A combination of rock, shoegaze, and instrumental, Armada aims to become the soundtrack to your tortured, introspective indie life. It’s hard for anyone to pull this kind of music off but A.Armada makes it seem easy.

It’s like you took Seattle in its heyday and planted the best of the scene here in Athens. The guys have been converting Dino Jr. fans into certified Fed-heads this past year. Dark and broody, Confederate heralds the next step in rock and roll. Post-rock my ass, it’s just plain awesome. And oh look, a video.

It’s always cool to find a Christian band that actually rocks. Probably the most straight-forwardly rock out of all the bands on the ballot. No fancy loops or busted out amps here. I don’t know why they remind me of Savantage but there you go. They’re playing Little Kings on the 23rd if you want to check ’em out.


LOUD. REALLY REALLY LOUD. WHAT? Oh. Sorry for shouting. I think Pride Parade is responsible for most of my hearing loss. I never catch the lyrics and every time I see them the sound is fuzzed out. Damn I love it. This. Is. RAWK!

Another radio station fave, Twin Tigers are not to be confused with the Spring variety. The rockers lean more towards the psychedelic end of the spectrum. It’s not hard to imagine these guys rocking arenas, sweat pouring down and thousands of screaming fans.

Tune in tomorrow for the Pop nominees.

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