Flagpole Music Awards: Metal

I’ve been under the impression that metal is all about how loud and how fast you can play a guitar. After listening to the nominees for Metal on the Flagpole Athens Music Awards ballot, I’m a bit better informed but still a bit clueless when it comes to the land of thunder and darkness. But I’ll give anything a try. So put in your earplugs kiddies, we’re going to lose our minds.

A mixture of rock and metal, The Dumps actually remind me a bit of Porn Orchard soundwise. The songs on their site follow a pretty standard loud, LOUD, loud pattern but there’s nothing typical about the Dumps. They’re playing at Max Canada on May 27th.

A lot more melodic and understandable (at least to me) than some other metal bands, Harvey Milk has been gathering speed. Thanks to the constant influence of Max, the guy who hosts Loud Fast Rules after Sound of the City, I have heard plenty of Harvey. And I like Harvey. Screw calcium, Harvey Milk is the only nutrition you need.

“Jazz trio from Hell.” They’re instrumental, which adds a whole new challenge to all you screamo purists. If you are unaware of just how much noise one band can make, take a listen. Did I mention that they were BAND OF THE YEAR last year? Yeah, there’s a reason punk.

A two piece! Bass and drums. No overwrought, compensating for something guitar solos here. It’s slow and prodding and brooding metal. Occasional vocal yells here and there but their real power lies in getting you into a groove. It’ll rap around inside your head and squeeze your brains out.

Check back tomorrow for the nominees for best Solo Performer!


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