Flagpole Music Awards: Solo Performer


The first time I saw Adam Klein, I was on assignment for Flagpole. It was one of my first show reviews and I was a bit nervous. I shouldn’t have been. The very kind Klein charmed the socks off the entire audience with his very folky americana sound. I remember thinking I had been swept off to a cattle trail out West with my own soundtrack. He gives you doe eyes while singing songs to soothe your soul.

He’s with P-Groove so what do you think it sounds like? Think slow jam. I wish I could tell you more about Brock but I have yet to have the pleasure of seeing him perform live.

Ken lives the life of a rock songwriter. He leans towards the blues with a gruff voice and usually some lighter notes coming from a mandolin. He’s hosting Songwriters’ Night around Athens these days. You’d be advised to check them out. And oh look, we have video of him.

Just plain beautiful. I had heard once that Liz had some stage fright at one point but damn if she doesn’t hold you right in the palm of her hand. I saw her open for her uncle Vic Chesnutt at the 40 Watt. Her last song was just her and a guitar. You couldn’t hear another sound in the room. No glass knocking, no chatter. Just the incredible voice of one of Athens’ greatest treasures.

Another songstress, Madeline is a bit more poppy and happy sounding than Liz. Her songwriting is just as good though. The new album is a favorite around our offices. I really remember “Jive Talking” through an old WUOG recording. It sounds a bit like a modern update of an old Irish folk ballad. A lot less keening and soaring vocals. Try to catch her in a coffeeshop type area. The connection is amazing.


When I saw this dude, he reminded me of Andy Kaufman. Tumble’s so over the top when performing, you just can’t look away. He was very confusing and incredibly charming. Singing and swaying over his pre-recorded songs, it was the best lounge act/pop show you could ask for. Also, he’s the creator of one of the greatest local albums of all time: “20 Songs About Booty.”

Tune in tomorrow for the lowdown on the Upstarts!

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