Flagpole Music Awards: Live Band

I remember my first real show in Athens. Pylon. The power, the energy going back and forth from audience to band and back again in the space it took for a single bass note or drum kick. The following nominees for best Live Band have something special that sets them apart. You can’t just listen to the album. You have to see them live.

Sing loudly and carry a stomping board. Probably the most improved act on the ballot, it’s always a treat to see people dancing and clapping to the great new band on the scene. If you enjoy bluegrass and folk, you’re sure to love the Road. They’ve got a new album out and play around a lot. Catch them while you can.

Blistering. And amazing. I’m not a big fan of rap & hip-hop but I will drop everything to see this group. I keep running into various members around town and they never cease to amaze me with their kindness and skill. You haven’t lived until you’ve been to a show.

He’s a one man band that will bend your mind. He plays bass with his foot. His hands play guitar, keyboards, and drums. All at the same time. And his music is phenomenal. He’s best seen in the little places like Tasty World for full effect.

It’s not so much the performance as what happens after the show that makes Music Tapes the stuff of legends. I’ve heard stories about parades through the streets of Athens, complete with kazoos, bonfires, and all sorts of crazy stuff. A Music Tapes show is not a show. It’s an experience. Go for the show, stay for the crazy.

Can anyone even begin to explain an of Montreal show? It’s like the Elephant 6 turned up to eleven. Barnes rode a freakin white stallion across the stage for god’s sake! They’re funky, furry, funny, frightening, and oh so awesome. My only deal, does anyone consider them an Athens band anymore?

Check in tomorrow for the nominees for best album!


  1. <>Go for the show, stay for the crazy.<>Kind of insulting, don’t ya think?
    Especially since you know nothing about the band.

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