Happy Birthday to Us

Well, you might’ve noticed a slight redesign to Athens Music Junkie. It’s the one year anniversary of the blog and a few of us decided that it was time for an update. In addition to our spiffy new look, we’ve got some great things coming up.

When I started this blog a year ago, I never imagined I’d get to do the things I have. And certainly not in this time frame. In the past year, I got to climb onstage at Athfest, witnessed two legendary bands play, and do a twenty post sprint through the Flagpole nominees.

Not to mention kidnapping R.E.M.’s bassist on his birthday and locking him in a dj booth. Or launching a youtube channel only to see said bassist’s band post the videos on its site. And the tons of wonderful guests who hung out with us on Sound of the City.

We also said goodbye to two wonderful lights in the Athens music scene. And are still in disbelief. But we move onward through life because we must. We thank them for their music, their moments, and their lives.

So I’m hoping this year will be even better. Expect tons of new videos on the youtube site, massive amounts of cd and show reviews, random cartoons, a new spotlight feature on the important non-musicians of the scene, some history lessons, and so much more. Oh, and we have a growing staff. In addition to our contributing writers, welcome Ziona Kocher, graphic artist, Rebecca Kutch, illustrator, and Sofia Perea, webmaster, photographer, and writer. And hey, we’re always looking for writers so if you have a passion for Athens, email.

But really, none of this could have happened without you. The readers. The bands. The mentors. The people I live and work and party with every day. I owe you my gratitude, my loyalty, and probably some money too. Thanks for reading.

Here’s to the new year,

Jordan Stepp
Editor in Chief


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