Athens Records Coming Our Way

It’s summertime in the Classic City and that means two things. Tours and recording. It’s been a while since I’ve posted the rumors floating around about some upcoming recording sessions so here’s a quick rundown of what you should be looking out for. It’s going to be a great year.

For anyone who’s been to a Skirts show in the last three months or so, you may have been treated to some new songs. Among them a great tune featuring Jay’s prerecorded voice yelling “Excellent!” at random times. We’ve talked with the Skirts’ manager Troy and he figures that the new album will be a small shock to fans of the traditional piano/guitar/vocal harmonies that have been trademarks of the band so far. Glad to hear they’re not eager to stick with the same old formula.

THE WHIGS debuted some new material last night during a secret show at Tasty World.

When we caught Peter Buck of R.E.M. at the Normaltown Flyers show, he was very excited about the recordings he’d been doing that week in Athens. A little birdie tells me that about 10-12 songs were messed with during those sessions. Later on, it was reported by Paste (but first!) that the boys had been recording in Portland. Lesson of the day? Don’t mess with the fanbase. They’ve got far more time and resources. Don’t forget the RECKONING release on June 23rd. The same day as…

PATTERSON HOOD’s solo album, Murdering Oscar. Sounds like DBT, tastes like awesome.

Just saying, the new album is sounding pretty great from these two downloads I’ve heard so far. Fingers crossed for an album review later….

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